Student Guide to WA State (Digital only)
  • Student Guide to WA State (Digital only)

Student Guide to WA State (Digital only)

The Student Guide to Washington State was written and designed by Visitors Guide Publications to send to students who got the awesome class assignment to do a report on Washington State. While the printed supply has been exhausted, you can still download, read and print off the pages you need. We are hoping to reprint soon so stay tuned.

This product is a digital-only publication.  Download or view the guide from the links at the bottom of the description below for free.  Add to Cart is disabled for this item.


If you look at a map, Washington State is located in the far northwest corner of the U.S., right next to the Pacific Ocean. Our neighbor to the north is Canada, to the east is Idaho and to the south is Oregon. This beautiful region is called the Pacific Northwest.

Washington is special as we are the only state named after a president - George Washington. Our nickname is the Evergreen State, because of our lush forests. We also have miles of ocean beaches, snow-capped mountains, dry deserts and rocky river canyons.

We're overflowing with wild places and fun stuff to do. You can climb up a volcano or hike into a rainforest. Watch a whale splash or a bald eagle soar. Touch a starfish or a salmon. Dig for clams or for fossils. Kayak up a river or ski down a mountain. Visit a ghost town or an old logging museum. Take in a Wild West rodeo or an Indian powwow.

Every year thousands of visitors come to explore Washington. We are famous for apples, cherries, rain, Starbucks coffee, Boeing airplanes, Mount St. Helens, and Microsoft. We hope you will come and visit us soon too!

This product is digital-only and there is no print version.  You can view or download the guide now for free.  Add to Cart is disabled for this item.


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